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Auto or Truck Collision

  I've been in an auto accident. What do I do now?

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Accidents occur all over King and Pierce Counties every day. Frequently they result from someone's error in judgement, lapse of attention, texting or cellphone use, falling asleep at the wheel, risk-taking. People who are involved in a high-velocity collision may have:

  • broken bones
  • damage to connective tissues (muscles, tendons)
  • damage to joints (ligaments, soft pads between bones)
  • neurological damage to sensory or motor nerves, or brain damage

You May Be Feeling OK Immediately After The Accident

Except for broken bones or other obvious physical damage, the symptoms don't always start to show-up immediately. Were you unconscious for a few seconds? Do you have lingering pain, headaches? Do you have difficulty with everyday movement? Do you feel nauseous, have episodes of vertigo? Does pain increase days or weeks later? Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you find you can't enjoy sports and activities you did before the accident?

Are you having trouble concentrating, remembering things? Do you find you have to take pain-killers all the time? Is it affecting your work? Is it affecting your relations with loved ones?

Documenting The Accident

In order to receive compensation for your losses it will be necessary to carefully document the collision and your problems. This involves photos of the vehicles and scene. It may involve taking statements from witnesses. It may involve collecting police reports, repair bills. Documenting health claims involves examination by physicians, therapists. It may involve testing to determine if you've experienced a loss of "range of motion." It may be necessary to determine cognitive impairment, through highly scientific testing. All of this can be tremendously helpful in applying the right kind of therapy to help you fully recover your health.

What's Unique About Truck Accidents?

Most of us have probably felt intimidated by the size and height of some of the Commercial Trucks and vehicles on the road today. Even driving by a truck accident scene can unsettle most people. Commercial vehicles and buses weigh thousands of pounds and represent tons of steel on wheels. Commercial Truck Drivers | Dangers and Risks: Fully loaded, these commercial trucks have inherent dangerous characteristics that can contribute to the severity and cause of accidents. There are laws that require specific education and safety training for a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). Many of these trucking professionals are careful and experienced. They carry a built in sense of responsibility when they drive. And they're human like all of us. We only have to hear the story of one of our clients, rear-ended by a 24-foot commercial delivery truck, to know that they can fall asleep at the wheel too. Practically speaking, an insurance company, or a jury, knows that when your sedan's been hit by 24,000 lb., it's potentially more damaging than a 2400 lb.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

When dealing with the insurance company of the person who injured you, it may be necessary to patiently press forward. In our experience, insurance companies use a variety of tactics to stretch out the process. They justify this by saying they are trying to avoid paying for fraudulent claims. But they know that it is in their business interest to avoid paying even claims that are obviously genuine. They like to offer minor amounts of money to secure your agreement not to press forward for a fair settlement. It is in your interest to have an attorney who has extensive experience in documenting claims - especially if they are soft-tissue and neurological in nature. The right attorney has a lot of experience with the delay tactics and knows how to counter them. Soft tissue injuries aren't as easy to detect as a broken arm, but they may be longer-lasting and much more debilitating. The broken arm will heal with simple medical treatment, but back pain or brain damage may require extensive therapy and may never heal fully. If your earning potential is reduced by 50% for the rest of your life you are entitled to receive that compensation from the insurance company of the responsible party. You shouldn't give up your right to that amount of compensation in order to get your auto repaired or replaced.

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