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Sporting Accidents

We've all heard the tragic stories about a high school football player who suffered a concussion on the field, and was allowed to continue to play until they were permanently disabled by the repeating abuse. But have you heard the story about a foredeck crewmember on a racing sailboat who's arm and shoulder were crushed in a collision another sailboat who's captain was an extreme risk-taker? How about the 12-year-old who was cycling to soccer practice and hit by a car in the parking lot?

People who ride bicycles, play field-hockey or soccer may experience more injuries than anyone imagines. Sometimes it's the person's own fault, and sometimes it is clearly the fault of another, like the risk-taking captain above.

At Leonard Moen and Associates we have extensive experience in helping people who were injured in sporting activities. When the injury was the responsibility of someone else, a coach, an official, a player who's repeatedly violating the rules and exposing others to injury, you deserve some advice on whether you have a path toward recovering your losses.

And it is an important part of keeping sporting activity safe for everyone when these claims are pursued. If a coach or school district experiences significant loss, as in losing their job for example, other coaches take notice and start thinking about safety before winning.

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