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Workplace Accidents

  You have been injured at work. What do you do now?

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Many workers are fully covered by the state's Workers Insurance System. Workers are sometimes counselled to not make claims, so as not to increase the employer's insurance costs.

Some specific information on these types of workplace hazards:

  • Falls
  • Transportation
  • Mechnical Equipment

The Contractor/Sub-Contractor Universe

Another problem that's increasing is the contract worker or sub-contractor's workers. If you were hurt while working because someone else was being careless, you can recover something called "third-party damages" in addition to your workers' comp money. In Washington, you can't sue your employer, but if your injuries were caused by a person who works for a different company while you were working, you have every right to contact a lawyer about third-party liability.

As we all know, today's workplace is a sometimes a mess of overlapping sub-contractors and contract temporary workers. You may find it difficult to try to sort this out, so a lawyer with a lot of experience is a good place to start. Also, even though you might have worked at your company for a long time and put in years of conscientious effort, you are now seen as someone who is going to cost the company money. You need an attorney on your side to protect your interests.

Feeling A Lot Of Pressure?

Finally, at Leonard Moen and Associates we recognize that sometimes the most difficult part of your workplace injury is coming to grips with your own feelings and those of your family. You want to recover. You want to go back to work. Your family wants to believe you're getting healthy and are going to keep moving forward in your career. This is a lot of pressure on you. Come in and talk with someone who will listen, has experience with this, and doesn't have an agenda. If we can help we will.

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