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Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

FACT: Pedestrians and bicycle riders have less protection when they're hit by a car or truck

Cars need to share the road

Seattle and Bellevue are packed with cars. If you are walking or riding a bicycle, you have as much right to use those paved streets as car and truck drivers. The problem is that sometimes drivers forget that they're sharing the road and you get in an accident. Drivers may be distracted by phone calls, by changing radio stations, or by eating. When they get distracted, they may speed, swerve or not notice a red traffic light. They drive right through a crosswalk completely. Your accident means a trip to the hospital and many, many visits to the doctor, physical therapist, cognitive therapist, speech therapist. Unfortunately, these accidents are too-common. If you've been injured while walking or riding a bicycle, call or come in to our office.

We help our clients establish that they were obeying the law and someone else wasn't. We help our clients produce documentation to prove they are injured. We push forward against insurance company inertia. We know how to thread through the obstacle course that you often feel is put in your way.

One of the things we have heard over and over is how frustrating it seems when you're asked to prove you were injured. You may be an insured automobile driver. You have paid your premiums faithfully for many years; decades even. You always assumed that other drivers did the same, and that if you are injured as a result of another driver's fault, you will now be covered by that driver's insurance. That's the way it's supposed to work. Your bicycle or pedestrian accident is exactly the same. Right?

The Hard Reality:

In practice - it may be more difficult to document the nature of the crash. For instance, with an automobile wreck, the general presumption is that the severity of the damage to the automobiles (how much the auto body and frame are bent, crushed) shows the severity of the potential injury to the driver and passengers. But with a bicycle, unfortunately, it's sometimes much more difficult. In some accidents the bicycle is barely damaged but the rider is badly injured. In others, the bicycle is badly damaged - but the damage doesn't show up as well - even in photographs. The front fork that holds the wheel is badly bent, for instance - so that the bike isn't usable - but you can hardly tell it from looking at it. the front wheel is badly bent and unusable - but it barely shows up, even in photos. But it can be documented. The proper documentation of the accident, damage to your bicycle, damage to the other vehicle, damage to your clothing, scrapes and road-burn on your elbows or knees - it all helps. Even photos shot with your cellphone camera help.

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