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Boating Accident Injury

Most people who operate a boat are responsible people and are aware of the hazards of boating. Dangerous situations can develop very quickly on a boat; even experienced boaters have mishaps on the water. The type of boating accidents that occur can range from collision, sinking, capsizing, stranding, fire, and explosions. Life threatening personal injury is possible in any one of these situations.

So consider: How can you tell if the person you are boating with, or next to on the water, has insurance? While it is important to carry liability coverage on a boat, not everyone does. Some states require that boat owners obtain liability coverage at the very least, but many have no requirements at all.

Some boat insurance coverage has unique exclusions or exceptions in a specific boating area or state. If the boat you were injured on was in International waters, the boat may not have any coverage at all. Boat owners cruising the waters of Mexico are usually not covered by their standard boat insurance policy.

Awards for damages including medical expenses and future care, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma are common for victims of boating or diving injuries. In a fatal boating accident, family members are entitled to collect for expenses, loss of net contributions and earnings potential and the emotional stress of losing a loved one. We can help you.

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